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The pandemic, COVID 19 has been nothing short of a disaster in our country. With the imposition of yet another lockdown, the underprivileged and the migrant community of Bangalore were yet again left to face uncertain times. Of the many problems faced by the marginalized community, food has been a primary point of concern.

Rotary Club of Bangalore has been serving the less privileged in the society for the last 86 years. RCB joined hands with Bangalore South Round Table 96 and Bangalore South Ladies Circle 66 to feed the underprivileged and the migrant workers as part of the COVID relief initiative.

LC lndia and Round Table lndia are a global non – profit, non sectarian organization. They are a group of young, dynamic individuals under the age of 40, serving society in fields of education, healthcare, skill enhancement and general underserved communities.

Mother Teresa said “lf you can’t feed a hundred people, then feed just one” The GIFT A MEAL project is one such initiative that we are pursuing with the aim to raise funds for meals. The project is in Collaboration with Bissi Bissi Oota and H.U.G, a citizen movement group.

At Rs.30/- a meal, the focus is on Shuddha, Arogya and Taazafood.

Contributions to this project, not only will we be feeding the hungry, but will be impacting the lives of many others. Bisi Bisi Oota employs individuals from marginalized communities, affected by the pandemic and provides nourishing food on carts to the migrants and laborer’s. lt also works towards empowering Women and is now associated with Pragati Towards Livelihood (an NGO for people in the autism spectrum).

There are many people out there who are willing to help and support, but need direction for the same.

RCB received overwhelming response from members who have been kind and supportive of the initiative with their contribution.

A special note of appreciation to the 47 members for their benevolent contributions towards this cause with the total contribution of Rs. 1,95,800/- equivalentto serving 6526 meals.

Dur sincere thanks to Mrs LavanyaAkarsh, Chairperson BSLC 66, for coordinating this project.

Together, let’s ensure we #giftameal  #bringasmile and ensure #noonegetsleftbehind

Together, let’s end hunger, one meal at a time!

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