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On October 31, RCB’s Voca_onal Service Commi_ee organized a session on “Financial Literacy – Good Money Habits” for college students.

Final Year B.Ed students and Principals from five colleges – RV college, Vijaya College, Rajajinagar College, Al-amin College and MES College – par_cipated in the program.

Rtn. Jigisha Rajguru kicked off the discussion and also moderated the session. Money is all about your behavior towards it. Your behaviour determines how you treat it and what it means to you. Good Money Habits plays an important role in cul_va_ng our right behaviour towards money, just like any health regime. If we start early and stay disciplined in our investments, the wealth can be generated in the long run and your money starts working for itself rather than you working for money. To generate wealth all you need is _me, disciplined approach and power of compounding. This concept was covered in the session where more than 100 + students par_cipated and took advantage of this learning.

Rtn. Jigisha Rajguru

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