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Water Conservation Project – Challahalli Village Lake Phase 1

Challahalli Lake Rejuvenated

Challahalli lake   is a rural rain fed lake  in the outskirts of Yelahanka  used by farmers and villagers. It was dead for many years and villagers had to dig deeper borewells for farming and domestic uses.

 Phase-1:  RCB, with the full participation of village youth, helped dredge and de-silt the dead lake. RCB and three of the members contributed Rs. 80,000-/. The villagers themselves generated  a few lakhs by buying the rich lake soil for their farms. 

Now the cattle  drink from the lake. It will certainly help rejuvenate the subsoil water table.

Phase-2: We need to provide an inlet and an outlet weir and strengthen the lose soil bund. The Bangalore University Water Institute team has surveyed and  prepared drawings on what needs to be done. We need to get it reviewed, costed and funds mobilized to get the Phase-2 completed.

A visit  to this project will be organized sometime soon await details.

 Dr E. G. P Haran

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