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Stopover at Sakleshpur

What does Rotoquiz at Mangalore got to do with a RCB project at Sakleshpur?

Ever since RCB got involved with extending its ever-popular Rotoquiz to Mangalore,the need to make the road trip more meaningful gained traction.Thus,a team-up  between the Youth Service and Community Service committees resulted in well-planned  projects enroute at Sakleshpur in collaboration with the Rotary Club of Sakleshpur,which runs a Special school as part of its Golden Jubilee Project.The institution has  82 children in a residential program with 16 staff members assisting in the running of the school.

We were warmly received by the hosts who also arranged  lunch for our team of 15 Rotarians and Rotaractors.As had been discussed earlier our club provided the school with 100 thalis. Rotaractors from our Rotaract Club and Seshadripuram entertained the children of the school by conducting games. Seeing the happy faces of the kids said it all.

The project was well received and we departed for  Mangalore feeling satisfied.

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